Insights: Transitioning to Electronic Cigarettes

Hon Lik will tell you – It’s not just nicotine which keeps smokers hooked on the habit, but also the ritual and the enjoyment of inhaling and blowing smoke. Whether a smoker is taking a break from work to spend 10 minutes smoking a cigarette outdoors, or enjoying an evening with friends and drinks on the patio, the end result is a relaxing, almost blissful, indulgent experience. Even some non-smokers can appreciate this relaxing vision. The Lord of The Rings film trilogy expresses this in a scene with hobbits and wizards blowing smoke rings and enjoying a happy moment together, and without question the entire audience understands this message.

Williamsburg man enjoys his first electronic cigarette.
Williamsburg man enjoys his first electronic cigarette.


Tackling the Addiction

This is where electronic cigarettes step forward to meet the challenge of providing a replacement for both addictions. However, we have seen in the time we have spent investigating the usage habits of our customers, certain trends which drive us to seek ways to improve on our products, and on electronic cigarettes in general. Some are unable to make the full transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

There is a segment of the population that turns to electronic cigarettes in situations where a normal cigarette is not permitted, such as a train, bus, bar, and other public places where traditional cigarettes are banned. While you will find vaping to be okay in most places, it is always wise to ask before you begin puffing away on your newfangled vapour friend.

Some are able to make a smooth transition to e-cigs, where cravings for the “real thing” are nonexistent. For many of these people, using electronic cigarettes is a natural upgrade – eliminating the tar and smell, instantly improving life. These benefits can help override whatever psychological need there is to smoke a tobacco cigarette.

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Example of an E-cig Starter Kit


Helpful Switching Tips to e-Cigs

Ease into it by smoking it in places you cannot smoke normal cigarettes like your office. or a concert venue, just make to sure it’s cool with everyone first. New things can take some time to get used to but the advantage with vapor is how many more places you will be able to enjoy it than conventional cigarettes.
Reward yourself – If by smoking ecigs over regular cigarettes saves you a certain amount of money per week, take half of that savings and buy yourself something, or take yourself out to dinner. You earned it!

Ask yourself this: do your loved ones feel offended by the smell? Would the desire to improve your relationship with others around you help tip the balance away from smoking cigarettes?

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